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Upgrade Kit 2

Upgrade Kit 2

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This upgrade kit is designed to upgrade the MK1 version of the original
Desktop Filament Extruder to the MK2 version.
This upgrade kit is only available to customers who have already purchased an MK1.

Please refer to the Upgrade Kit 2 description on my website. This upgrade kit contains the following parts:

Number Quantity Name deutsch Spects
SC-01 6 Holzschraube 2,5x12 mm
SC-02 8 Holzschraube 3x25 mm
SC-05 8 Zylinderschraube M4x10 mm
SC-16 8 Hammermutter M4, Slot 8
Spare Parts
SP-21 2 Lüftergitter 50x50 wire, 50x50
SP-22 1 Lüftergitter 60x60 wire, 60x60
EL-01 2 Heizpatrone 6x20mm 40W/24V, 410mm Leitung 2x 0,5 Doppeladerendhülse
EL-02 1 Thermistor 3x15 mm, NTC 100K
EL-03 2 Leitung rot 1,0mm² red, 110 mm, 2x 1,0 Aderendhülse
EL-04 2 Leitung schwarz 1,0mm² black, 110 mm, 2x 1,0 Aderendhülse
EL-05 1 Steuerleitung 2x 1,0mm², 800mm, 4x 1,0 Aderendhülse
EL-06 2 Klemme Wago 221-413 3pol
EL-07 2 Klemme Wago 221-2411 1pol
EL-08 1 MKS Gen L V1 oder V2 Board MKS GEN L
EL-09 2 Schrittmototreiber tmc 2208
EL-12 1 Dupont Kabel Dupont 4 Pin Buchse, 170mm Leitung, 4x 0,14mm Aderendhülse
EL-13 2 Lüfter 50mm 50x50x15mm, 24Vdc, 3 wires
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