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Upgrade Kit 1

Upgrade Kit 1

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This upgrade kit is designed to upgrade the MK1 version of the original
Desktop Filament Extruder to the MK2 version.
This upgrade kit is only available to customers who have already purchased an MK1.

Please refer to the Upgrade Kit 1 description on my website. This upgrade kit contains the following parts:

Number Quantity Spects
SC01 10 Holzschraube 2,5x12 mm
SC02 8 Holzschraube 3x25 mm
SC04 4 Zylinderschraube M3x6
SC05 20 Zylinderschraube M4x10 mm
SC16 8 Hammermutter M4, Slot 8
SC20 1 Mutter M5
Spare Parts
SP-06 1 Draht für Sensor Arm 0,6 x 170mm, V2A, glatt
SP09 6 Kugellager 4x13x5 mm
SP-15 1 Trapezgewindespindel T8x8, THSL- 8D, 180mm lang
SP-20 1 Messingmutter anti back flash T8x8, Anti backlash spring loaded brass nut
FR-04 1 Aluminiumprofil 30x30x210 mm
FR-05 1 Aluminiumprofil 30x30x190 mm
TO-15 1 Silikonfett 6g Tube
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