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Screws and Spare Parts MK2.5

Screws and Spare Parts MK2.5

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This set includes all necessary screws and small parts for the assembly of the original Desktop Filament Extruder MK2.5. It can also be used to build the MK2. See parts list below.

Processing time before can be shipped: :

  • 10-15 Days


SC-01 57 Wood screw
SC-02 25 Wood screw
SC-03 1 wood screw
SC-04 13 cheese head screw
SC-05 56 cheese head screw
SC-06 7 cheese head screw
SC-07 2 cheese head screw
SC-08 4 countersunk head screw
SC-09 2 countersunk head screw
SC-10 1 hexagon head screw
SC-11 1 hexagon head screw
SC-12 1 hexagon head screw
SC-13 1 washer
SC-14 2 washer
SC-15 1 wing nut
SC-16 25 T-nut/hammer nut
SC-17 6 T-nut
SC-18 2 T-nut
SC-19 1 threaded nut
SC-20 1 threaded nut
SC-21 2 Grub screw
SP-01 6 Cover cap
SP-02 1 Feather key
SP-03.1 1 Toothed belt
SP-03.2 1 Toothed belt
SP-04 8 Connector for aluminum profile
SP-05 4 Felt glides
SP-06 1 wire for sensor arm
SP-07 1 ball bearing
SP-08 1 axial bearing
SP-09 20 ball bearings
SP-10 2 ball bearings
SP-11 4 ball bearings
SP-12 1 nail
SP-13 2 hose clamp
SP-14.1 1 Toothed belt wheel/pully
SP-14.2 1 Toothed belt wheel/pully
SP-15 1 Trapezoidal threaded spindle
SP-16 1 Extruder feed wheel
SP-17 2 Pressure spring detent/puller
SP-18 1 Tension spring rocker
SP-19 1 PTFE hose
SP-20 1 Anti backlash spring-loaded brass nut
SP-21 2 Fan grille 50×50
SP-22 1 fan grille 60×60
SP-23 10 cable ties

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