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Elektronics MK2.5

Elektronics MK2.5

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This set includes all electronic components (except the stepper motors with external stepper motor driver) for building the original Desktop Filament Extruder MK2 and MK2.5. See parts list below. The electronic parts are tested before shipping. The firmware is also already installed. The wire ends are provided with wire end ferrules. 


Processing time before can be shipped: :

  • 10-15 Days


EL-01 2 Heating cartridge
EL-02 1 thermistor
EL-03 2 wire red
EL-04 2 wire black
EL-05 1 control cable
EL-06 2 terminal
EL-07 2 terminal
EL-08 1 MKS Gen L V1 or V2 Board
EL-09 2 Stepper motor driver
EL-10 1 LCD display with 2 ribbon cables
EL-11 1 Optical limit switch with cable
EL-12 1 dupont cable
EL-13 2 fan 50mm
EL-14 1 fan 60mm
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