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EN-01 Nozzle

EN-01 Nozzle

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This since includes all nozzle parts of the MK2 and MK2.5. See parts list below.

The nozzle is supplied with two nozzle sizes:
Nozzle size 1.5mm for ABS
Nozzle size 1,7mm for PLA

The nozzles can be replaced or drilled out.

EN-01.1 1 nozzle with M6 thread Verschlussschraube M14x1,5 DIN 910, M6 4
EN-01.2 1 3D printer nozzle PLA/PETG M6 thread, E3D-Style, with 1.7mm bore 4
EN-01.3 1 3D printer nozzle ABS M6 thread, E3D-Style, with 1.5mm bore 4
EN-02 1 melt filter 16x100mm, Mesh 50 (0,3mm) 4
EN-03 2 teflon tape 250mm 4


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