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CAD-files and technical drawings MK2

CAD-files and technical drawings MK2

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What you can buy here are the STEP files (CAD files) and the technical drawings for the original Desktop Filament Extruder MK2 from ARTME 3D. (Version MK2.5 will be availible soon. The metal parts and the printed parts are combined in one project. This allows you to understand the arrangement, function and exact geometry of the parts. I have invested over 3.5 years with more than 3000 working hours in the development of these parts.

After purchasing, you should receive an email with your download link. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you don't receive an email.
The ZIP file contains:
- Digital license in several languages (mare translations are availible at
- Forlder STEP Projekt Original Desktop Filament Extruder MK2.5 (This folder needs to be unpacked)
- Technical Drawings (This folder needs to be unpacked)

The files are copyright protected and are provided to you under a license agreement. When purchasing you must confirm the conditions, otherwise no purchase is possible. In summary, the use of the files is subject to the following conditions:

You may use the parts for:

replica and the private and commercial use of the extruder parts I have developed.

This use is subject to the following conditions:

You must purchase the CAD data and technical drawings from me. By purchasing the data, you enter into a license agreement with me. The license agreement states that you will not redistribute or resell this CAD data and technical drawings. You must also mark the licensed products with the following notice:
"Manufactured under license from Artme GmbH. Source and license files available at".


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