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Hardware DIY Kit: Original Desktop Filament Extruder MK2.5 with 1 Extrusion-Screw

Hardware DIY Kit: Original Desktop Filament Extruder MK2.5 with 1 Extrusion-Screw

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For sale here is a DIY kit of the Original Desktop Filament Extruder MK2.5 from ARTME 3D with one extruding screw (details below). The documentation for the extruder will be available shortly. The 3d printing files are availible now. Please read the detailed one before purchasing Product description. This is not a commercial product being sold, but a project for which the hardware is offered here in individual parts. Further items are required to set up and operate the extruder, see below.

Processing time before can be shipped:

Additionally required accessories and tools:

If you purchase the DIY kit from ARTME 3D, you will need the following material, which is not included in the scope of delivery, in order to be able to set up and operate the extruder:

  • The 3D printed components (white parts on the photos) are not included in the scope of delivery and must be printed out yourself. The files will be available shortly)
  • For legal and technical reasons, the power pack is not included in the scope of delivery. Please use a closed desktop power supply (as you know it from laptops). The power pack must have 24Vdc output voltage. The output current must be at least 6 amps. In other words, have an output of at least 144 watts. It may happen that in countries with a mains voltage of 100 to 120 volts the power supply unit does not provide full power. Therefore, I recommend using a high-quality power supply unit for 100 to 120V mains voltage or using a more powerful power supply unit (more than 6 ampere output current). If you have the installation done by a specialist, you can also use open switching power supplies, as known from common 3D printers. However, during installation you come into contact with components that are connected to the mains voltage. Therefore, there is danger to life. Only have this type of power supply installed by a professional.

  • An empty filament spool (inner hole diameter 50 to 60mm)
  • Required tool:
    • Hammer
    • dust mask
    • Access to a vise is an advantage.
    • Needle-nosed pliers and wire strippers are useful
    • Needle
    • Scissors
    • Electronic caliper to measure the filament diameter (good quality!)
    • folding rule

Select optional extruder screw

  • The extruder has two different extruder screw options, which must be selected upon purchase:

  • The extruder screw (high compression) is designed for processing shredded 3D print waste from PLA, ABS and PETG. In addition, it can also be used to process certain plastics in pellet form, such as PLA types (optimized for 3D printing), ABS and PP.
  • The extruder screw (low compression) is designed for the processing of plastics in pellet form such as PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PP. The processing of nylon, PA or other engineering plastics cannot be guaranteed, but is often possible.


Skills and Difficulty:

Building this extruder is a little more complex than building a 3D printer, for example. Among other things, the following activities are to be carried out:

  • The printing of a large number of parts (possibly several days of printing time and approx. 1.8 to 2 kg of material consumption)
  • Reworking 3D printed parts.
  • Electronics wiring



Depending on your experience in building such kits, you should allow between 7 and 16 hours for assembly.

Scope of delivery:

See the parts list in the documentation.

Please edit them general terms and conditions by ARTME 3D.



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